Best Ice Fishing Suits for Winter

A worthy chaperone-like ice fishing suit does help one stay in top form when fishing in freezing conditions. Ice fishing does come with its fair share of challenges, but by wearing the most top-quality piece of apparel — you enjoy some warmth and coziness.

This guide compiles the best ice fishing suits for winter, which are designed to keep you warm, comfy, and buoyant at all times. Prior to discussing the products, we share a small overview of things that will help you find your ideal attire for cold and freezing temperatures.

Guide To Buying The Best Ice Fishing Suit

Irrespective of the occasion, the role of efficient and quality apparel stays indispensable. There are certain criteria to pay heed to when buying the best piece of the fishing suit for the activity. Here are some considerations that will help you select the ideal ice fishing suit for cold and freezing outings.


The everyday jackets or bibs don’t have that protective mechanism to prevent water from seeping in. Fishing in the cold might have repercussions if the fabric isn’t equipped to deal with this particular season. The hydrostatic ‘mm’ rating defines the waterproofing ability and how suitable the suit is for ice fishing. An ‘mm’ rating of anything above 5000mm is ready to deal with the cold weather.


The most pivotal aspect of fishing gear is the insulation capability. Insulation plays a much important role in preventing the cold from entering and allowing the heat to stay in. Several brands come with different concoctions of materials for top-level insulation. The perfect ice fishing bib will come with a fleece lining or Thinsulate — both of which ensure great insulation.


Mobility is a factor that speaks a lot about how freely you can move around donning the fishing suit. Since these are bulky than traditional suits, mobility may come with challenges. Keep the apparel lightweight, so you have zero hindrances when moving around.

Best Ice Fishing Suits For Winter

The factors have been discussed and now we hop on to the crux of the article — the Best Ice Fishing Suits For Winter. Following are the most suitable pieces of attires you can wear during the winter season.

1. WindRider Ice Fishing Suits

First up on the list is the cozy and warm apparel combo from the house of WindRider. This combo of insulated bibs and jacket is laden with features that make an angler’s go-to choice in breezy fishing sessions. With the 3M thermal insulation, there is unparalleled warmness provided to the anglers. Moreover, there is the removable hood that comes with insulation.

The addition of zippers on both jackets and bibs offers seamless ventilation, thus saving the wearer from overheating or even suffocation. The fishing suit is endowed with an additional layer of foam that not only keeps one warm but also does help them stay afloat through the ice.

Besides the safety layers and ventilation facilities, the suite includes an array of pockets — large ones on the thighs, a flap that goes through the bibs to the pant pockets, and hand-warmer pockets on the bibs. Whereas the jacket boasts large mesh pockets, a zipped chest pocket, and hand-warmer pockets.


  • The knees on the bib come padded and reinforced
  • A plethora of storage options
  • Available in plenty of different sizes.


  • Does seem a bit bulky than other models
  • The zipper quality is questionable.

2. Frabill I2 Jacket & Pant Suit

Frabill’s products have earned heaps of praise from anglers worldwide. Their collection of bibs and jackets is another testimony of the brand’s excellence in the other department — ice fishing gear. The I2 is made with a nylon shell that keeps the apparel water and windproof.

For top-notch safety on the ice, the jacket features easy-reach, chest-mounted ice picks. This, in tandem with the quick drain mesh lining —allows collected water to exit easily if you’ve stumbled on the ice floor. The 3M Thinsulate insulation on the jacket has you warm all through your fishing expedition.

The pant is fused with nice padding on the knees, while the suit comes completely sealed. Overall, the Frabill I2 is safe-to-don apparel with some interesting features like the ice pick holsters, internal safety label, and so on.


  • Is both water and windproof
  • Nicely padded on knees and elbow
  • Adjustable hood with sun visor.


  • Might come as a tad too heavy for certain users
  • Available in just one size.

3.Navis Marine Fishing Suits

The all-weather pick on this list has a worthy contender — Navis Marine Fishing Suit. This fishing suit comes with a waterproof rating of 15000 mm, which withstands heavy rain and water adversities. The combo kit has a 2-ply fabric that keeps water out and has you dry at all times.

The suit features a fleece-lined collar, hand-warmer pockets, and one-of-kind drysuit protection to keep you warm amidst the cold and freezing temperatures. The adjustable straps on this suit offer incredible fit to anglers of all sizes.

The suit’s versatility is matchless on multiple occasions — be it fishing, boating, sailing, racing, offshore or foul weather. The Navis Marine fishing suit is one for the voguish fishing hangout sessions. The retro-reflective patches on the jacket’s sleeves have the best visibility in low-light expeditions.


  • Comes with the best visibility in low light
  • Breathable shell to keep you dry
  • Boasts adjustable waist for heat retention.


  • Is a bit too stiff on the shoulders

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4. Stormr STRYKR Jacket

The Stormr STRYKR is a class-apart product with materials that make fishing bearable under extremely cold conditions. This all-around fishing suit is compatible and comfortable during heavy rainfalls and gusty winds.

This has been the most preferred apparel in resisting water and wind, courtesy of the neoprene core technology. The outer layer of the jacket has the finest performance in escalating the rate of heat loss.

The elegant crafting of cuffs keeps you dry even as you tip down snow-clad hills. For unprecedented flexibility, the jacket does impress with the incredible stretch. The fleece here has moisture-wicking elements to help you stay cozy and dry as you fish.

Unlike the other apparels listed in this list, this one comes without a bib; nevertheless, it still has the capabilities of keeping one warm at the top. You can pair this with the range of bibs available in the market. The jacket comes in three distinct colors: black, orange, and gray.


  • Features anti-corrosive zippers
  • Does retain heat better than most jackets
  • Made using thermal-welded seams for longevity.


  • The jacket and bib are not available as a unit
  • The black patches may seep in some liquid.

5. Guide Gear Fishing Suit

This one from Guide Gear is an inexpensive yet efficient ice fishing attire. The suit comes in 150 grams of Thinsulate that is suitable enough to keep you warm in the freezing temperatures. The suit features waterproof hunting coveralls coupled with a breathable membrane to keep you dry in most weather conditions.

This ice-fishing suit includes a few pockets: two snap-closure patch pockets, two reap zip-closure patch pockets, and two hidden zipper pockets. As a result, this fishing gear has the longevity and durability that outlast most apparel under demanding weather conditions.

Moreover, the thumb holes on the suit give freedom to your wrists. Guide Gear fishing suit is available in two different eye-pleasing patterns — Realtree edge and mossy oak break-up country.


  • Comes with several pockets for secure storage
  • Longevity and durability is impressive
  • The thumb holes make movements easy.


  • The zipper is flimsy
  • Bulky on the chest and waist.

6. StrikerICE Predator Bib

The final apparel on our list of the best ice fishing suits is the StrikerICE Predator Bib. This fishing bib comes with Sureflote Flotation Assist Technology, which allows you to stay afloat even as you take a dip in the water. The bib has plenty of storage space with magnetic openings that are entirely resistant to water.

Furthermore, the patented technology called the Hydropore — does make it easy to breathe throughout your fishing sessions on the ice. The addition of thermadex insulation lets you stay warm in the most freezing fishing outings.

The safety isn’t compromised, as this comes with extra padding in the seat and knee. The StrikerICE Predator Bib is sold separately in one color (gray) and in multiple sizes.


  • Available in sizes that fill all anglers
  • Additional padding for the knee and in the rear
  • The inseam is adjustable for a better fit.


  • The zipper length is pretty short.

Wrapping Up

The above-listed suits are designed to get you through the harshest of conditions. They make life easy when fishing in the chilling season. If asked to pick the favorites from the products mentioned above, we’d go with — WindRider Ice Fishing Suit and Frabill I2 Jacket & Pant Suit. These come with world-class features that alleviate the troubles in icy fishing expeditions.


  • What do I have to wear under the ice fishing suit?

The thing that sets ice fishing suits apart from the other suits is — their layers of protection from cold and offering utmost warmth to the wearer. However, we recommend wearing something warm under the suit, such as fleece sweatpants, thick shirts, and hoodies for insulation in cold climates.

  • What is more necessary for fishing in cold conditions — bib or jacket?

The combination of both is important to sustain the harsh cold climate. Nevertheless, for anglers fishing in warm temperatures where a sweater is suitable — donning a bib can be sufficient. A bib does keep the lower part of the body warm and guarded in wet conditions.

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