Moonshine Fly Rods Review: Worth Your Money?

Moonshine is one of the most reputed names in the fishing gear market. They are known for selling rods that offer the best action and sensitivity that anyone can feel during fishing. Whether we talk about their vintage color scheme or wood double-locking seats, everything is amazing about this luxurious brand. While browsing their collection, we believe anyone can understand what they have to offer the anglers.

The fly fishing market has been continuously growing and becoming extra competitive. Very few brands have succeeded in maintaining their grip on the consumers. Moonshine is one of those branded companies capable of bringing A-game of fishing lovers. Their products deserve every penny of a dollar that someone spends on them. They continuously manufacture gear to stay relevant in the pool of different companies.

We regularly receive queries about whether spending money on this brand’s costly products is a good choice. If you are looking for the same, we suggest checking our Moonshine fly rod review until the end to get the right answers! Our team has tried to uncover every small detail to assist the readers.


Moonshine is an American-made and owned brand that has been developing fly rods for decades. They are based in Colorado with manufacturing units in Virginia and Tennessee. The company aimed to distribute unique fly fishing rods and succeeded in doing it. While checking their portfolio, we realized the rods have a distinctive style that adds them to the classic category.

Moonshine fly rod

Investing money in their fishing equipment will ensure you won’t have to buy another for many years. Most of our team members are truly passionate about fishing, and they truly love products built by Moonshine. We even believe this company shares the same enthusiasm as us, i.e., making things better for fishing lovers.

A huge number of fly rods manufactured regularly by this brand stays on the top of best sellers. Although the company claims to become a fully US brand, few components are imported from Korea. However, the company doesn’t compromise in terms of quality in any manner. It is co-founded and owned by Tate Cunningham who wants to sell luxury at a price everyone can afford.

The biggest feature that distinguishes their products from the others is the extra tip on the rod. As long as we talk about their after-sales service or customer support, things are very satisfactory, and they stay ready to solve queries.

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What are the top 5 Moonshine Fly Rods to buy in 2023?

If someone asks a real fly angler about the ideal rod to buy, it is a great chance they will suggest buying a five-weight. Although it is right to buy such a tool for targeting, it can’t be said that it is the best.

The same goes for the Moonshine brand which has a solid number of models, but few models are better than the others. After our brief research, we have created a list of the top 5 Moonshine fly rods to buy in 2023! Regardless of which model you choose, great friction and performance are guaranteed.

1.  Moonshine The Vesper Fly Rod (editor’s choice)

The Moonshine Fly Rods review can never be completed without mentioning the name of The Vesper Series known for its highly accurate placement. An incredible set of features is available in the unit to ensure high performance during fishing.

Moonshine The Vesper Fly Rod

This fly rod gives the flank an incredible reserve power for going through winds quickly. The chances of an unbalanced or bulky feeling get eliminated due to it. This fast-action rod features an attractive matt blue anti-glare finish, making the fishing even better.

Moonshine The Vesper Fly Rod case

The box consists of a high-quality rod tube, five parts of the rod, and a rod sleeve. Each of these components is made using high-quality material that keeps things protected for an extended time.

If we talk the rod sleeve, comes with a hard plastic tube and a cloth sleeve having individual pockets. The rod comes with five pieces: an attractive tobacco tiger reel seat, a beautiful cork handle, a rod tip, and two middle pieces. Everything feels special about this super amazing rod for anglers.

2. Moonshine Rod Co. The Revival Series (best fiberglass fly rod)

This rod from the Moonshine brand is truly a masterpiece with all the necessary features to make fishing fun and exciting. It is a medium fast rod with a vintage glass look for a positive impression. The Revival Series has a unique glass construction with top-grade AA cork grips that perform well.

Moonshine Rod Co. The Revival Series

There is a highly responsive tip added to the rod to add durability to the system. The manufacturer has added two-rod tip sections that ensure the user can access the replacement when needed. Whether you are just beginning into the world of fishing or are an experienced angler, it is designed for players of all levels.

Moonshine Rod Co. The Revival Series fly wheel

The Revival Series Moonshine is helpful for close casting and gentle presentation which few anglers love. It also has a portable canvas tube to protect the rod from dirt, water, and mud. The availability of this feature ensures the rod lasts for an extended period without causing any trouble.

Despite having tons of exciting features and brand value, this rod doesn’t cost the buyers. It means the buyers can enjoy the luxury without any need to pay tons of money.

3. Moonshine Rod Cp. The Rambler Series (best budget-friendly pick)

If you want to enjoy this brand’s luxurious features without paying a huge amount of money, the Rambler Series is all you need to buy. We believe the Moonshine fly rod review can’t even be completed without mentioning this model’s name.

Moonshine Rod Cp. The Rambler Series

It is a highly durable set-up having an exciting combination of split AAA handles and top-level graphite construction for proper distribution. It is a well-built model featuring state-of-the-art tech without any sort of markup.

Moonshine Rod Cp. The Rambler Series

Available in three different colors and sizes, the company allows users to enjoy fishing as per their needs. There are two tips added to the package for extra convenience for the anglers. This replacement rod tip makes sure things don’t get bad in emergencies.

Moonshine Rod Cp. The Rambler Series case

It is a mind-boggling fly rod made for people who love fly fishing. Buying this product can bring great value for the money for sure. We are sure none of the buyers will feel disappointed with their purchase.

4. Moonshine Drifter II Fly Rod

The Drifter II is redesigned with a completely new look by the company to cover all the flaws in the previous Drifter I model. They have added carbon fiber nano matrix instead of graphite blank for better performance.

Moonshine Drifter II Fly Rod

Available in many different sizes, it feels lighter on the hands and ensures one can fish for extended hours without any trouble. If we talk about the detailing work on the rod, it is pretty assured most of our readers might be surprised.

Moonshine Drifter II Fly Rod handle

It includes alignment dots, metallic copper accents, stripping guides, and foot guides to take convenience to a different level. Additionally, the manufacturer has also added Delrin bushings and uplocking rings to the rod.

The overall quality and build of Drifter II are pretty good, making it a perfect candidate for the Moonshine fly rod review. The price is also great, and most buyers highly recommend shopping for this unit.

What about Moonshine Fly Rod Warranty?

There are plenty of misconceptions about the Moonshine fly rod warranty among buyers. Although it comes with a lifetime warranty, people find it difficult to understand their replacement fee system.

Our team has performed a brief research and an audience survey to give a proper estimation of the company’s warranty system.

Moonshine fly rod cork

The company offers repair or replacement without charging a single penny if the issue arises due to a manufacturing defect. It can be claimed by filing the warranty form available on the company’s official site and sending the rod to the address mentioned below the form.

On the other hand, the charges for the replacement due to the buyer’s action vary according to the model. We are giving a close estimation to help our readers as the rates changes from time to time.

  • The company charges US$ 65 per section for working on the replacement work of Midnight Special rods.
  • The prices are slightly lower for Vesper rods, where the manufacturer charges a fee of US$ 45 per section from the buyers.
  • The replacement work of Series rods is charged US$ 38 per section.

Please note there is a need for proof of purchase while claiming the warranty. The normal time is taken for replacing Series and Vesper rods is up to 2 weeks, whereas they need at least 4 weeks for Midnight Special due to their custom construction.

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What are the different types of Moonshine fly rods?

Moonshine is one of the most recognized brands in the fishing industry providing fly rods for every situation. They assemble a huge range of rods which we will explain below:

General Freshwater Fly Rods

A handy number of company rods are perfect to use in freshwater without any problem. They provide a tremendous number of options in this category for targeting different types of fish, like trout, bass, etc.

Moonshine Drifter II Fly Rod handle

Saltwater Fly Rods

A huge myth people have is that the Moonshine fly rod review is all about freshwater use, but things are completely different. Their rods have tremendous capabilities ranging from terrific stopping power to corrosion-resistant components. It allows the fly rods to perform amazingly in saltwater.

Small Stream Fly Fishing Rods

Many anglers enjoy fishing on the small stream and Moonshine offers lots of great models for them. These rods work perfectly for both professionals and beginners adequately.

Switch Rods

Another version of Moonshine fly rods that has recently gained momentum in the market is switch rods. It lets the users switch their fishing styles to perform a range of activities. Whether you want to enjoy one-handed casting or it’s about nymphing, everything can be done using these models.

Moonshine Fly Rods- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the manufacturing unit of Moonshine fly rods located?

The majority of the company’s manufacturing operations are performed in Virginia, Tennessee, and Colorado. They get few supplies from South Korea, but manufacturing mainly takes place inside the United States.

Q. Are Moonshine Rods made in the USA?

The fishing rods of Moonshine are made using both American and foreign-made materials according to the model.

Q. Are Moonshine fly rods worthy of buying?

We strongly recommend buying the Moonshine fly rods thanks to their capabilities to give impressive performances and long-lasting longevity.

Q. What is special about Moonshine fly rods?

A unique feature of Moonshine fly rods is their spare tip section which has a dedicated sleeve for saving anyone from disaster while enjoying fishing.

Q. Does Moonshine offer good warranty replacement service?

When we compare the warranty policies of Moonshine with other brands, it is entirely satisfactory in all manners. The customers are ecstatic with the replacement work by the company.


I have tested various brands, but the performance and features of fly rods manufactured by Moonshine are pretty wonderful. It doesn’t matter whichever model of this brand you choose; the experience will be free from any worries.

The Moonshine fly rod review is created to make the job convenient for the buyers. All the models from this brand are well-priced and perform according to expectations.

We believe you understand everything regarding the Moonshine fly rods, and it will be super easy to find the ideal model matching your fishing technique.

Have any queries regarding this Moonshine fly rods review? Feel free to write about it in the comment section!

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