Fishing rods are the most crucial items required for fish catching, and keeping them safe and organized for upcoming expeditions takes effort. The easiest way to have them secure and placed mannerly is by having a rod storage rack on the boat.

The market has all kinds of racks — some made to be mounted on the wall, whereas some made to be stationed on the surface. In this article, we bring the best fishing rod storage racks for boats that ensure safety and reliability in the windiest of conditions.

Factors To Consider When Buying Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Fishing reels and rods have found their way into your tackle box, but what about the storage onboard? With the innumerable options, the market currently boasts, choosing one amongst those is a herculean task. Following are some key points to consider when buying the right piece of storage gear.

Fishing Rod Storage Racks


This is a consideration that doesn’t need much explanation; nevertheless, we’ll tell you how it makes a difference to the rack you are about to select. The consequences of rain might be severe when your fishing gears get all soaked — especially in the salt waters. Make sure the storage rack you choose has maximum protection against rain and water splashes.


The capacity or size of the rack is a deal-breaker. If you are taking small rods for your expedition, the smaller racks might be ideal. Whereas the larger racks are recommended highly for their capacity and room to store other tools. The maximum capacity a storage rack can offer is up to 24 rods. You can also have the customized, depending on your fishing preferences.


The base of the rack becomes hard to ignore consideration when looking for a storage rack for a boat. A sturdy, large base has the potential of keeping the rack steady, despite being fused with rods. The most common kinds of bases boast reinforcement for additional strength, whereas the rubber feet bases prevent the rack from stumbling.

Best Fishing Rod Storage Racks For Boats

The guide has been shared, and now we proceed to the list of best available models in the market. Choose one that meets your fishing needs.

1. Rush Creek Creations Round 16

Rush Creek Creations has the finest lineup of accessories that make angler’s fishing experience bearable and fun. This 16-capacity rod storage rack boasts padded slots at the bottom to comfortably hold all sizes of rods. The rack comes in three different designs; the most enticing is a mirror image of a wooden laminate.

Rush Creek Creations Round

The carousel-inspired design on the rack is compact and doesn’t consume much boat space. However, if you are looking to swivel and have access to the rods — this may not be the option to consider. The much-talked-about features of the rack are — scratch-resistance and waterproof handle guides on the base plate.

Rush Creek Creations Round

Overall, Rush Creek Creations’ Round 16 is a solid piece of storage equipment that is eye-pleasing with its design, and secure to hold all types of rods. This rack is available in three different styles — barn wood, camo, and wood grain laminate.

Pros & Cons

  • Assembling is a straightforward process
  • Also built to suit the aesthetics of the average home
  • Waterproof; does stand the splashes.
  • Doesn’t rotate for easier access to rods
  • Rickety when fully loaded.

2. Berkeley BAVRR Vertical Rod Rack

The second most preferred storage gear comes from the house of Berkeley — BAVRR Vertical Rod Rack. The small and convenient size of the rack offers space for up to six fishing rods. The plastic-built rack does hold the rods securely while you are on the tumultuous voyage.

Berkeley BAVRR Vertical Rod Rack

The storage rack is corrosion-resistant, meaning there is nothing to fret about the longevity or durability. The foam grip padding ensures the rack holds the rods securely and prevents them from plummeting. The dimensions of the rack are compatible to keep your gears organized on a boat or in the garage.

BAVRR’s vertical rod rack is an invaluable addition to professional angler’s fishing expeditions, all thanks to its space-saving design. All in all, the simple design and installation process makes this a more handy piece to have onboard.

Pros & Cons

  • Design; offers some foot space on the boat
  • Installation is a simple task
  • Conveniently holds up to six rods
  • The grip does have quality issues
  • Wobbles with heavier rods.

3. Brocraft Tackle Rack

The most sought-after product on this list of the best fishing rod storage for boats is the — Brocraft Tackle Rack. The minimalist design of the storage rack provides space for up to five fishing rods. It boasts a polypropylene construction, which makes the entire tackle rack corrosion-resistant.

Brocraft Tackle Rack

The design enables anglers to either mount this to a wall or on a boat for seamless access and placing of the rods. Besides offering space for rods, the storage rack also has a few slots in between the holders to store fishing essentials like knives and pliers. The tackle rack comes in multiple colors and size variants, ranging from one-rod storage to up to five-rod storage.

Brocraft Tackle Rack is probably the simplest in design — the assembling and placing of rods do not take a toll. This storage rack comes with a space-saving design that might make some room to have other basic gears stored on the boat conveniently.

Pros & Cons

  • Has slots for pliers and knives
  • Equipped to perfectly mount on the wall and boat
  • Installing is all plain-sailing.
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Substandard materials used in the construction.

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4. KastKing Fishing Rod Rack

The undisputed and popular brand across the globe — KastKing has a loyal customer base with a series of an excellent range of accessories. This versatile rod rack has a staggering capacity of holding up to 24 rods, no matter what the brand. The rod is safe to mount on the walls of your home, or on your boat.

KastKing Fishing Rod Rack

The rack is constructed using aluminum, making this a sturdy yet light piece to accommodate all sizes of rods. Also, the cushioned holders provide maximum protection to the rod handles and securely hold each in one place. The rust-resistant frame does increase longevity.

KastKing Fishing Rod Rack

KastKing has been ranked highly as the top quality manufacturer of fishing accessories. The built quality and capacity of this particular storage rack is unparalleled. If you are looking for a well-known and reliable brand to put your money on, then this is the perfect option.

Pros & Cons

  • Built to suit all kinds of rods
  • The capacity is the highest in the market
  • Cushioned holders for maximum safety.
  • The assembling instructions could have been clear
  • The bottom plates don’t stay steady.

5. SeaSense Single Piece Rod Holder

Another prominent name in the industry — SeaSense’s Single Piece Rod Holder shares a resemblance with that of Brocraft’s storage rack. The rod capacity of three fishing poles may not be the highest on the list, but this surely has the stability to hold your poles.

SeaSense Single Piece Rod Holder

The single-piece design of the rack has the capacity to stick with you in the long run. The rod is made of plastic and arrives white in color. The straightforward design helps easily mount the rack to your wall or on the boat. There’s room to store knives and pliers, courtesy of the slots in between the holders.

SeaSense Single Piece Rod Holder spec

SeaSense Single Piece Rod Holder specs

SeaSense is an inexpensive package that with its space-efficient design offers the option to store other essentials as well. The rod holder includes stainless-steel screws to make installing a lot easier.

Pros & Cons

  • One-piece design; works well for installation
  • Room to store additional items
  • Inexpensive yet efficient.
  • The capacity is only for 3 rods
  • Quality is a concern.

6. Old Cedar Outfitters Round Rack

Closing the list of Fishing Rod Storage Racks we have the Old Cedar Outfitters Round Rack. This round rack oozes class and style — be it if you have it hanging in your living room or on the boat. The rack comes with a capacity of storing up to 24 fishing rods or combos.

Old Cedar Outfitters Round Rack

The rod storage rack is embossed in woodwork, and with a circular base — there is superior protection to your rods. The anglers have cherished the product’s durability, owing to its compact and simple design. The rack boasts rubber clips that hold all sizes of rods securely in place.

Old Cedar Outfitters Round Rack

The Old Cedar Outfitters Round Rack features all the hardware required to assemble this wholesome package. Moreover, the built quality of the rack makes it easy to use in all weather conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • Has elegant aesthetics to match the room or boat
  • Storage capacity of up to 24 rods
  • Extended height to accommodate oversized rods.
  • The rubber clasp is flimsy
  • The construction materials are below par.

Wrapping Up

Rod storage racks are not to be overlooked when fishing is your everyday activity. The options have been discussed above; hope you land the best gear available. The favorites we pick from this list are — Rush Creek Creations Round 16 and KastKing Fishing Rod Rack. Both products come with the superior built quality that is currently most angler’s go-to options.

Have a worthy contender that is not on the list? Write to us in the comments section, and we’ll get back.


  • How do I safely accommodate all my fishing rods on the storage rack?

The answer to this question is documented in the rack’s manual. The racks keep your rods in an upright position. Don’t have the fishing rods lean against each other. This might cause deformation of your rods, which is why it is important to prevent them from leaning against one another.

  • Do storage racks feature some kind of lock to hold rods?

Mostly don’t feature the lock mechanism, but a few top-end models do come with locking systems. You may also use third-party locking solutions to securely hold all your rods to the rack.

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