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The Fishing Deck is essentially a fishing blog that is intended to help out the fishermen community whether they are professionals or just hobbyists. Whether you are looking for an answer to your dilemma, advice on fishing techniques, or an honest review before buying the latest fishing equipment, The Fishing Deck brings you the best of everything related to fishing.

There are a couple of things that every fisherman needs to know before actually going fishing. If you have landed on this site out of curiosity, you certainly are a fishing enthusiast. Fishing might be your hobby or source of income and food. Here you will find helpful and insightful guides that will make your fishing adventure more pleasant.

Most people need a fishing guide in order to improve their skills. Any good equipment cannot make you a great fisherman unless you know how to use it and sheer knowledge of fish and waters can help you in catching more fish if you do not have the right equipment with you. To make a balance between the skills, equipment, and wisdom, you need to learn everything around the waters, The Fishing Deck is one such place that makes you enlightened about these.

Chris Walton – The Man Behind The Scene – A Fishing Nerd

Chris WaltonI believe in a good fishing guide can shorten the learning curve and help you prepare for a fishing adventure before you figure it out yourself. I write blogs that are really helpful and easy to understand and resonate smoothly with fishing enthusiasts.

As a skilled fisherman who knows how to read the water. My expertise in this field dates back to those times when people didn’t have access to tech-savvy fishing equipment or modern tools but rather enjoyed fishing in an old-school way. This profound knowledge helps me in bringing some awesome content that justly balances the generations of fishing, and satiates their burning questions with in-depth answers.

I keep hovering around the frequently asked questions to create helpful content people are desperately searching for in the hope of a solution. I make sure answers are simple and value-packed to solve these fishing queries and aquatic mysteries that are popping out from all the corners of the world.

For any questions please write me @ thefishingdeck[at]gmail.com